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Funny > Wednesday, June-04-2014

Honest Trailers - Game of Thrones

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Cool > Friday, January-10-2014

Blown by the wind over Bucharest

How much do you know about Bucharest? Well, here is a unique presentation using drone - aerial view.

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Awesome > Wednesday, March-13-2013

If 'Game Of Thrones' Were Made In 1995

How do you think the popular Game of Thrones series would look like if it were to be released in 1995? I'd say this promo gets it :D

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Cool > Sunday, July-29-2012

Synchronized kite flying on Bohemian Rhapsody

Anyone can fly a kite, sure, but it takes real skills to do a synchronized show with 6 kites and all on a very nice choreography. Nice job, guys.

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Funny > Sunday, July-29-2012

Russian Woman Trying to Park Her Car

You thought you've seen enough women who can't park a car? Wait until you see this lady who can easily win a medal for her effort. And no, no one got hurt in the process .. although the car is not very happy. :doh:

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Awesome > Sunday, July-29-2012

Just a dog riding a bike

Yup, this is just a normal dog that does what any normal dog does ... erm, actually no, he's not exactly normal, but he does enjoy riding the bike!

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Awesome > Monday, June-11-2012

Bruce Lee Playing Ping Pong

Just how cool was Bruce Lee? Well, he's definitely a badass. Just take a look at how he plays table tennis (ping pong).
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Weird > Saturday, May-05-2012

DIY How to make a hamburger in Japan

Did you ever wonder what kind of sick stuff you can buy in Japan? Well, here's one: DIY make-your-hamburger-at-home pack. Seriously .. someone actually invented this thing. :wall:

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Awesome > Sunday, February-05-2012

Best phone manual ever

This is how all phone manuals should look like ...

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Cool > Saturday, February-04-2012

This kid dances better than you

You think you're good at dancing? Here's an amazing kid that will put you to shame.

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