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Mega-Recoil .577 T-Rex Rifle

Trust me, you don't want to fire one of those .. and most important, you absolutely don't want to be in its way.

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Comments for Mega-Recoil .577 T-Rex Rifle

operateur de machinerie lourde

bonjour ,je possede une 458 lott ruger que je considerais assez puissante ,mais la577 t-rex est jen trouve une sur le marcher ainsi que les munitions je crois bien lacheter, jaime la puissance..
posted by claude levesque at Thursday, December-18-2008 18:45pm

Random crap

i like the fishnets your mom wears :clap: :clap:
posted by Lil'Pimp at Thursday, May-21-2009 08:09am


kiss my shiney metal butt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:evil: :evil: :wall: :evil:
posted by Not your bissness at Thursday, May-21-2009 08:10am

get a life

If you wasted about minets actually reading this then it means that you are most likely you are one of those guys who lives with their mom in her basement that has no life and stays on the computer playing crap like world of warcraft
posted by The FAG at Thursday, May-21-2009 08:14am


posted by Guest at Wednesday, November-18-2009 22:25pm

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